In various parts of the world, riots, wars and unrest prevail. None of these can lead to peace. What the world needs is love, friendship and tolerance. If you want to achieve peace, you need to understand what the others want, what are their needs and their goals. Once we adhere to common goals, we will be able to understand each others and achieve peace. Unfortunately, we happen to adhere to different groups whose goals are in constant oppositions. We wish our group prevails, but that is what others seek too. Our means to reach our goals vary, and can be violent at times.

What our world needs is mutual understanding and tolerance. We must always try to understand the others, realise that they have needs like ours, dignity like ours and pride like ours. Let us try to always take others into account and not forget they are human beings like us. These are the first steps to achieve peace in families, neighbourhoods, villages, towns and countries. In this blog, I will explore with you how we can achieve peace.